4 Blog Content Ideas for Immigration and Citizenship Firms

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Andrew Chao Daongam on 12 Aug 2020

Immigrating or obtaining second citizenship is a big life decision. A lot of time is being spent to identify which immigration or citizenship programs are suitable for the individual and their family members. With today’s technology, most will go online and educate themselves to better understand their needs and challenges that they may face. 

This is why blogging is so important. If you provide the right information that is relatable to your ideal clients, you will be able to attract new cases for your business.

Here are 4 blog ideas to help you start writing your own articles and publish them on your immigration and citizenship website.


1. Educate them about the countries

Many who are looking to immigrate or obtaining second citizenship may have some understanding about the countries that they are interested in. However, we can safely assume that they don’t know as much as you do.

When you think about your ideal clients, what information would be helpful about a country to help them better decide? This could be schools, health care, security, lifestyle, political structure, economy, etc.

Here are some title ideas:

  • Top 3 Globally Renowned Universities in [Country]
  • What is Health Care Like in [Country]
  • What is the lifestyle in [Country] 


2. Tackle some frequently asked questions (FAQ)

This I believe is the most important. Most who do their research online typically start off by asking questions on google. Such as “What is the best immigration program?” or “How easy it is to immigrate to [COUNTRY]”

A good place to start finding out what is the FAQ, go through your list of existing clients, and jot down the questions that they’ve asked throughout the process. If you have a team, you can call a meeting to get everyone to pitch.

Another way you can find FAQ is by putting questions right into Google. In most cases, the results will give you ideas.

Here is an example from Google. As you can see, I put in the question “What is the best citizenship by investment program” into the search query. The results gave me a few articles that I can read in order to give me ideas.

Google Search Example

Just by looking at the different results, I can come up with preliminary titles such as:

  • What is the best Citizenship by Investment through Real Estate
  • Where and HOW to buy a Passport
  • Top Citizenship by Investment Programs 2019 vs 2020


3. Share how the process is done

Many firms are keeping this as a secret. But I believe that if you are able to share your process, you are inviting them to a factory tour of how you provide the right services for your potential customers. 

You don’t have to share every single detail but enough that they will say “wow they know what are doing, I want to work with them.”

Title Ideas:

  • What is the immigration process for [COUNTRY]
  • The realistic timeline to obtain a passport for [COUNTRY]
  • What to expect when working with an immigration firm on your file.


4. Share Client Stories

Sharing success stories can help your potential clients grasp the journey and potential outcome of their interest. You don’t need to share the full success stories in blog formats. You can break down the stories into sections and make every section a blog article. 

Title ideas:

What made our clients want to seek second citizenship?

  • What are the criteria of our clients when they were looking for an immigration firm?
  • How did our clients pick their destination of choice for immigration?
  • What our clients went through during the immigration application process?
  • What were the unexpected barriers during the application process?
  • What did our clients do when they first received their passports?


4. Share your thoughts on various aspects of your business

One unspoken criterion that immigration clients are looking for is fit based on “gut feeling”. This feeling that potential clients get is is based on how well they connect with the company. And the connection is based on the perceived similarity. 

When you share your thoughts about how you see different elements in the business, it helps your potential clients to understand who you are. When they like what you read, they will naturally want to be more inclined to work with you.

To do this, think about the times when clients ask you about your opinion or questions that they asked that made you form your own opinion. Examples of this would be  “Why is this program so expensive?” or “Do you think now is the right time to start?”

Title ideas:

  • Why Citizenship is Expensive and why I believe it should be?
  • When is the best time to apply for a second passport?


Bonus Tip:

When you publish blog articles, make sure to always end it with a Call-To-Action (CTA). This is to help direct your readers towards the next step. Put the extra effort in helping them better understand how they can move forward towards something better.

Since this article is about Blogging, here is our CTA below:

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