4 Internal Positions to Assign for Building Your Blogging Team

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Andrew Chao Daongam on 19 Mar 2018


Many companies have a hard time being consistent in publishing blog content on their website. If you have been trying to do it internally, one reason for your inconsistency could be the absence of a dedicated team to run your blog website page.

It is a great start to write blog articles alone but to make it sustainable, especially if you are busy running your own business, you will need a team to help you deliver consistent, quality content.

What I am going to share with you in this blog article is how you can build your own blogging team with your current employees to create great content on a regular basis.

When you form a blog team, you need to create specific roles and assign them to employees who are best fitted for the roles.

Below I have listed 4 specific positions:

  • Content Writer
  • Content Editor
  • Compliance Editor
  • Publisher

Keep in mind that 1 employee could take on more than 1 role especially if you have a small employee team for your finance business. We suggest that you do assign 1 role per selected employee to make sure that you do not overburden them. They may quickly lose the motivation to contribute. 

Here are the details of the 4 internal positions for your blogging team.


1. Job of a Content Writer

The content writer is responsible to do exactly what the name of the role suggests. They write the content. Specifically in this context, they are responsible to write the blog articles. You would want to look for people who are good at communications and have a lot of knowledge to share.

Who would be a good fit?

Your salespeople are a great place to look for a content writer. They regularly deal with prospects and customers where they encounter problems that they have helped solved and celebrated victories.

2. Job of a Content Editor

You want to find someone who is exceptionally good with the language and who has a strong attention to detail. They can spot the simplest mistakes. They would also be responsible for enhancing sentences to maintain professionalism while ensuring that the content has the right keywords in place.

Who would be a good fit?

A Client Service staff or an office staff could be a great fit as they are responsible to process and review documents on a day to day basis for your company.

Not only do they need to look at the text itself, but they have a clear understanding on how to improve the overall article to provide a better reader experience and provide constructive criticism to the writers.

3. Job of a Compliance Editor

The Compliance Editor will ensure that the content has the right tone of voice that is acceptable for the business. They are also responsible to do the final check for anything outstanding before blog articles are sent to the publisher.

Who would be a good fit?

A Compliance Officer, lawyer or related job titles would be a good fit for this position.

If you are a company like a financial services firm that is highly regulated, a Compliance Editor will ensure that the content is compliant to the regulatory authorities according to their jurisdictions.

4. Job of a Publisher

The publisher will take the final edited content and will publish it on your blog website. Choose someone who is tech savvy.

Who would be a good fit?

Do you have an employee that everyone refers to as the IT person of the company? Consider asking them to be the designated publisher. These type of people are good at figuring out things on their own to make things work.

Before publishing, it is important that the Compliance Editor or the Content Editor reviews the blog preview. Mistakes could easily be done when transferring information from one place to another.

The Next Step - Motivating your Team

Asking your team to write and publish blog articles without a compelling reason to do so will lead to a short-term project. They will start writing a few and then will tell you that they don’t have time to keep up.

You need to let your blog team know how consistently publishing blog articles affects the bottom line of the business. This is especially vital information for your advisors that are busy selling to earn their commission.

Consistent blogging will generate traffic to the website and when you write educational content that helps potential investors with their pain point, they will continue to seek out your expertise. This will effectively generate more leads in your salespeople’s pipeline.


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