4 Powerful Marketing Intelligence Data to Sell Better

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Andrew Chao Daongam on 20 Sep 2018


These days, marketing is more than just generating leads or having the technology (such as email campaigns or blogging) to execute marketing activities. We believe that the most powerful asset for sales people is the marketing intelligence that you can gather from every single person in your database.

Marketing Intelligence, to put it simply, is collecting data of online customer engagement into one centralized platform for the company to access in order to make better sales and marketing decisions. In other words, it involves recording your contacts’ online activities with your business.  

In this article, we will share 4 important marketing intelligence metrics that will be a game changer for your business.

1. Know when emails are opened

Have you sent an email and wondered if it would ever be opened? Even if you are able to know whether an email is opened or not, wouldn’t you like to know when?

With a modern sales and marketing platform, you can track emails that are sent out of your inbox. A tracking code will be placed in the email so whenever someone opens it, it will send you a notification. All opens will be recorded into the CRM so that advisors can easily review and follow-up accordingly.

Having this particular data is useful as advisors who call their recipients shortly after an email has been opened will most likely have a better outcome than waiting to call.

2. Know when and which email links are clicked

Similar to emails that are opened, the tracking code can identify which links have been clicked in your email. This is great to know if the links you are sending are enticing and garnering interest.

Sales can follow-up and direct their conversation based on the links that have been clicked. For example, if you sent them a blog article and they click on it, you can bring it up as a key topic to talk about in your next conversation.

3. Know what pages they’ve visited

Ever wondered if your contacts visit your website? And if they do, wouldn’t you like to know what pages they’ve been on and when? Financial services can track web page visits including the blog articles that you contacts have read through.

Having the insight of page visits can help the sales team know what information their contacts are seeking. This intelligence can help them to re-engage with contacts that they have lost touch with by giving them a call. It can also help them plan their upcoming conversations according to page views.

4. Know when they click on a CTA

It is quite common for people to click on a Call-to-Action (CTA) such as “Book Now” but never actually fill out the form. You can now track when a contact has clicked on any trackable CTA set on your website and email.

The sales team can follow-up with those who clicked on a CTA but did not fill out a form, as they may still be interested in the offering behind the form. Instead of waiting for the form to be filled out, it’s important to take action as soon as possible so that you catch them while they still have the interest.


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