The Benefits of an Intelligent CRM for Immigration Firms

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Andrew Chao Daongam on 07 Jun 2021

How do you keep track of your clients? Typically, most immigration firms use Excel spreadsheets to keep track of their clients at the most basic level. This is simple if you don't have many clients, but once you start growing your client base, it gets increasingly complicated to manage. This means, at some stage, you could miss something vital.

At the next level of client management, immigration firms will use a standard CRM. Now, this is basically a copy of your Excel data but just in a more user-friendly and appealing format. This is undoubtedly a better option than spreadsheets. However, it's still not very dynamic because you have to manually do much of the client management.

One of the big problems with both of these is that, apart from making your clients challenging to manage, they limit your firm's growth. So, what you need is an intelligent CRM. Such a CRM will give you various benefits that you need to manage your clients, improve your service, and grow your firm.

In this post, we'll look at the benefits of using an intelligent CRM.

1. Tracking

The first significant benefit it offers is that it enables you to track and gather data on your clients' online activities. In other words, you'll be able to track when your clients visit your website along with details of their time on your website.

As such, you'll be able to see what pages they visited, what links they opened, and what documents they downloaded. Also, an intelligent CRM will give you the ability to track your emails so that you can see which emails your client opened and even how many times they opened them.

2. Automation

Automation is where the intelligent part of an intelligent CRM comes in. For one, it records every interaction with your clients automatically. So, no matter where they interact with your business, whether it's on email or on a website, the CRM will automatically collect these details.

The intelligent CRM uses triggers to automate specific responses and actions based on a client's actions depending on the interaction. You could, for instance, set up automation to segment your clients as they interact with your emails or website. By using segmentation, you can then automatically assign clients to specific salespeople with a designated territory.

But it goes further than the segmentation of clients. You'll also be able to set up automated emails and respond to clients with the relevant information they need when they fill out a form on your website. You'll also be able to send automatic follow-up emails to clients, both prospective and current, to give them the information they need when they need it.

With this ability, an intelligent CRM can improve your business processes significantly. Ultimately, you'll then deliver better service and value to your clients and improve your revenue.

The Bottom Line

An intelligent CRM is so much more than a spreadsheet or a traditional CRM. Keep in mind, though, that the benefits mentioned in this post are just some of the benefits you'll gain by using an intelligent CRM.

Simply put, it gives you all the tools and data you need to manage, interact, and engage your clients better. In the process, you'll increase your conversion rate and your revenue. Because of this, it’s the immigration CRM you need for your immigration firm.

When it's time for you to get a CRM, we recommend that you look at HubSpot. It has all these features and more. If you want to know more about it or how we can help you implement it in your immigration firm, visit our website or contact us for more information.

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