Why Most Immigration Firms are Wrong About the Purpose of Their Website

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Andrew Chao Daongam on 17 Jul 2020

Pretty much every immigration firm has a website. Some have spent thousands of dollars while others spend as little as possible to the point of making one themselves.  Certainly you want your website to look nice and having your business information. But what most immigration firms fail at is what their website is intended for. 

Some may say that it’s an extension of a business card. Others say is to let people know that we exist. A few would say it’s a channel for people to book consultations. All of the above are benefits of having a website. Also, did you notice that these remarks are self oriented? 

Don’t get me wrong, ultimately, the result of having a website is that it will bring you business. But the cause or the intention of having one must be for your audience. 

Why does this matter? By placing the importance on your audience, your approach to develop, update and publish content on your website will drastically be different and will even make you stand out from hundreds of other immigration firms.

The Purpose of Your Immigration Website

Therefore, the intention of a website is to build a space for your audience where they can be educated on their pain points and challenges so that they can be led towards the right solution.  Specifically in the immigration field, your website is to help people learn about immigration by addressing your audience’s goals and challenges. 

Immigration firms that use their website with the intention to educate will have educational elements such as blog article, videos and free downloadable resources. Most who don’t have any if these elements are most likely very product oriented by having immigration programs listed without additional resources for self-education on their website.

Take a look at your website and put yourself in the shoes of your audience. Would you say that your website has the intention to educate? If so, what are the elements to prove that?

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