Why Immigration Lawyers & Consultants Should Say Yes to Blogging

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Andrew Chao Daongam on 03 Dec 2019

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Many Immigration lawyers and consultants believe that blogging may not be beneficial for their business because rules and regulations keep changing on a regular basis. And most of the time, these changes are sudden or unpredictable. 

If you look at other industries, they also have rules and regulations that change all the time. Manufacturing companies constantly need to keep up with laws that are being updated for each country they offer their products. Pharmaceutical companies always need to keep their endless list of medications under the radar of the FDA. Services companies pivot their offerings because their practice would go against new policies. 

Do these companies simply say no to blogging because they are faced with constant change? Certainly not!

So why do they say YES to blogging? The simple answer is that they want to help people. And they know that they can help them without changes stopping them. Also, they know that if they help people, in return it would benefit their business in the long run.

The Misconception of Blogging for Immigration Lawyers & Consultants

Many immigration lawyers or consultants see blogging as a newsletter. They share news about changes to immigration law and how it would affect applicants. However, that is not what blogging is about. It’s about serving the people who have identified a pain point or challenge by guiding them in the right direction. 

Newsletters are great for people who already demonstrated an interest in a specific immigration or citizenship solution. But how about those who are still exploring the different countries and the different options? Wouldn’t it be more beneficial for them to read a blog article that talks about the difference in the education system between Canada and the UK? Or one that talks about the benefit of 

Blogging focuses on helping and less about the legal and regulation details. 

Helping More People to Grow Your Business with Blogging

Many immigration lawyers and consultants only want to work with those who are ready to buy. But what if you can work with people who are not ready but you help them to become ready? The latter would be highly beneficial as there are a lot more people who are not ready to buy but do have a need. You can nurture them early on and win them over.

Think of it as a funnel. The top represents all the people who see the need for immigration or citizenship but they only know that much. They are not ready to buy but as they read blog articles that they find online through social media or search engines, some will move forward to explore and evaluate the different options available. And as they continue to do extensive research, such as speaking with lawyers or consultants and read newsletters, some will move down to the bottom of the funnel where they are ready for sales and apply for their desired immigration or citizenship program.

Blog Funnel

As you guide people who are not ready, but see value in Immigration or citizenship solutions with blog articles, you are building trust from the very beginning.

If a person calls up 2 lawyers or consultants, that are equally qualified, who will they choose? The one that the person has been reading several of their blog articles in a span of a month, or the other that they called up but was never exposed to their educational content simply because they don’t have any on their website?

Blogging builds relationships. Guide them with educational content from the very beginning to earn their trust.

To Blog or Not to Blog...
The Choice is Yours

You can decide to keep things as is where you rely heavily on referrals. Or you can completely change the way you do business by attracting people with educational content such as publishing blog articles on your website.

Not only will you attract more people into your business, but you are also fostering relationships early on and building a reputation that will help you stand out from your competitors. 


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