Why Inbound Marketing is the New Immigration and Citizenship Advertising

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If you want to win over your potential clients to do business with you, then applying inbound marketing as the new way of advertising for your immigration and citizenship firm is essential in today’s interconnected world.

With the rise of the internet, you’re not only competing with those within your proximity, but those across your country as well. Or even cross the globe. 

Imagine that you’re doing research to buy a new home. Do you buy the one that you see first like love at first sight? Or do you make additional research about the building structure, neighbourhood, demographics, and the proximity services in the neighbourhood?

The same principle applies when potential clients are looking to immigrate to a new country or applying for citizenship. Will they entrust their lives to you right off the bat? 

Not likely. 

So how do you attract potential immigration and citizenship clients to buy your services and to trust in your expertise? By applying Inbound Marketing.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is a way to put your clients’ value first before getting directly into the sales. It is to address their goals and challenges by guiding them towards the right direction with content (such as blog articles, checklists and guides), The reason why Inbound Marketing is crucial for your immigration and citizenship firm is to build trust. Building that level of credibility is essential with a vast amount of competition.

You may wonder if Inbound Marketing is simply a trend compared to the long-standing paid advertising approach. As a matter of fact, an Inbound Marketing study has shown that: 

“Marketers who prioritize blogging efforts are 13x more likely to see positive ROI.” – HubSpot, 2019 (Source: https://www.hubspot.com/marketing-statistics)

If your ultimate goal is to have a positive return on investment for every dollar invested, Inbound Marketing is the way to go.

But did you know that Inbound Marketing is more of an exponential approach than linear? For example, if you paid $5000/month to acquire $6000 in sales and want to increase your sales to $12,000, then logically you will need to invest $10,000/month. This is the traditional advertising approach.

But with Inbound Marketing, you are building a permanent asset for your business. Whatever content you publish on your website, they will remain available for the world to see for as long as your website is still running.

As you continue to publish content strategically, search engines will give higher importance to your website authority over time. Also, the more content you have, the more visitors you will attract because you are able to touch upon every aspect of their pain points or challenges.

Leverage Search Engine with Inbound Marketing

As mentioned, Inbound Marketing allows you to build authority and credibility to your audience and with Google. With enough content and consistency, you set yourself to be on the first page of Google for what visitors are searching for. 

Being on the first page of Google is important because that’s where 75% of the traffic comes from. When your prospects search on Google, they are looking for solutions to their problems. Not being on the first page of google means that your competitors have a much higher chance to gain the visitors that could’ve been yours.

But being on first page of Google should not be the end goal. With Inbound Marketing, your goal is to serve prospects. You serve them by providing the right information that they are looking for such as “What to do when when applying for immigration to Canada”.

Some may say that they giving away information for free is not a viable. But should you really charge for that?

You have to consider that many are not ready to do business with you because they need more information to make the right decision. Also, they don’t have this level of trust with your immigration and citizenship firm just yet. Inbound Marketing is all about guiding your prospect to make the right choices at the right time. And that’s what we are going to cover today on how to build that level of trust for your potential immigrant.

In addition, by helping your prospects with free content, not only trust is being built, but the sales process is shortened. 

In this following post, you will discover and understand how powerful Inbound Marketing can be for your immigration and citizenship firm. It starts by understanding the buyer's journey.

There are three (3) stage to Inbound Marketing buyer's journey: Awareness, Consideration, and Decision.

1. Awareness Stage: "I am Looking to Immigrate Somewhere"

This is where your prospects who are looking at programs, such as Skilled Worker or Business Investor, see valuable social media posts about “Why immigrating to Canada is best for building a legacy.” It may resonate with a lot of professionals and high-net-worth investors who are working tirelessly and is looking to give a better life to their family and a better living environment.

At this stage, your goal as an immigration and citizenship firm is to provide educational content. It can be about culture, the advantage of living in certain cities, the social benefits being in your country or countries that you are able to help them immigrate or gain citizenship to.

You want to lay out all the cards so that your prospect can make informed decisions. With informed decisions, they can confidently make their choice that aligns with their personal desires such as to providing better lives to their family.

Marketing Tip: One great way is to combine articles about "The wonder of living in Canada" and share it in Social Media.

2. Consideration Stage: “I Want to Immigrate To Your Country, What Are My Options”

At this point, your immigration and citizenship firm managed to educate and provide valuable information regarding all the benefits and advantages to immigrate to your country. That’s a great achievement. 

You just build your first level of trust with not only your prospect but all future prospects that are looking to immigrate or obtain citizenship for a better future.

In the consideration stage, your prospects have decided on their destination of choice. But, they are now looking for solutions to get to their destination. For example, think of this process as the “How to immigrate to Canada”. 
It’s all About Providing Guidance First

What you want to achieve at this stage is to have multiples options laid out including the pros and cons of each choice. You may decide the write and elaborate on the choice of doing business through a broker or consultant and help them explore the different options that different providers can offer.

Remember, the goal to serve the prospect for their best interest, not yours. Because, if you solely focus on one solution, then chances are you are hiding something from your prospect. And if they find out, you lose credibility.

You can write 3 to 4 blog posts that covers and introduction of different options on immigration. One can be a do it yourself version, one is through a professional consultant or even establish firm purposely working within this industry.

By elaborating on each option, your potential clients will know that you are looking out for the best of their interest rather than pushing your own.

Marketing Tip: At the end of this stage, you can invite your prospect to read a case study on how your firm was able to successfully help families, like theirs, establish their lives in Canada.

3. Decision Stage: “I Know What I Want, Which Firm Do I Go To”

You manage to attract your prospects by educating and informing all possible needs. Then, you show a different way to deal with their problems and obstacles. Now, your goal as an immigration and citizenship firm is to create sales content. This will explain how your firm has helped other people like them immigrate to your country.

This can be done through a case study, a free consultation, and initial roadmaps that they can refer to.

In this decision stage, it is important to lay out all possible objections. Some examples may be price concern, length of the process, what are the list of required documents, etc.

By being upfront, not only you avoid going back and forward with prospects and your sales team. It also helps provide a seamless experience. 

The decision stage is usually taken offline through phone, web conference call or even in-flight meeting. Considering those options, it is essential that when your sales team meet with prospects to reduce the amount of time going back and forth.

If you provide sufficient information that alleviates their pain, challenges, and questions, then you will have an upperhand to be the solution provider to their problems.

Marketing Tip: Contact your best clients for testimonials. It shows that your immigration and citizenship firm is capable of doing the work and can be trusted.

Conclusion: “I Decide To Entrust My Immigration or Citizenship Process To You”

Congratulations! You won your prospect’s trust and business. The rest will be history since it is business as usual on your end.

But remember, even if you turn a visitor into a client, always follow up during and after the application process and see how your firm can improve the experience for future clients. 

Make sure to also collect their testimonials as it will come handy in your Inbound Marketing strategy and campaign. 

To learn more about how your immigration and citizenship firm can benefit from Inbound Marketing, you can book a free 15-minute consultation call with Melissa by clicking here.


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