How Does a Marketing Software Help Immigration Firms?

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Andrew Chao Daongam on 04 Nov 2020

Many immigration firms are considering implementing a marketing software in their business. They know that it will be beneficial to do so but are not quite sure how it will help their support  their activities specifically.

Although each immigration firm have their own goals and challenges, we summarized a few key points, as to how a marketing software can help, that we believe are relevant to all.

Before we go through the key points, we would like to define what is a marketing software. In this case, we are talking about an all-in-one marketing platform that includes tools for marketing, sales and services activities.

When we say all-in-one, this means that it provides the necessary features that covers the fundamental activities required to be more efficient and grow the business. Some examples of marketing softwares include HubSpot, Keap, and Marketo.

Here are 4 key points as to how a marketing software will help your immigration firm.


1. It will help you be organized to the next level

There is quite a lot of details that are found within every single file that you work with. It’s quite difficult when you don’t have the right tools in place to not only properly manage your contacts information, but also how to organize data to be cohesive and up to date. The latter is crucial so that there are no discrepancies when a file is reviewed from one department to another.

Using a comprehensive marketing software typically comes with a CRM that allows you to properly store data. What brings it to the next level is that the CRM will enable you to have insights that you would never be able to obtain with the traditional tools used by immigration firms. For each contact, you can see which emails have been opened, when a Service Agreement has been viewed, the pages they visited on your website, etc.

2. It will help you improve your customers’ experience

One of the key elements that helps retain new clients is how well you journey along side with them from A to Z.

People who are looking for immigration solutions need proper guidance especially knowing that their decision will alter the lives of their family members, including themselves, which will have an impact for generations to come. Having a marketing software and applying the tools means that you are on a mission to educating your future and active clients on the ins and outs of immigration within your domain.

With the help of a marketing software, you can strategically create and publish helpful & relevant content for your buyer persona. As a result,  you will naturally draw people into the business and, if done right, guide them towards the right direction.

3. You will be able to differentiated yourself better

There are a large number of immigration consulting and law firms. Not only that, there are a ton of individual consultants as well working as independent consultants. How do you differentiate yourself better from the endless options?

These days, people use Google to search for information. The buyer journey starts when a person has a pain point or question that they need answers for. When you write content that addresses their situation, you immediately have some advantage because you’re helping them before even meeting with you.

This is why immigration businesses who see value in developing content are doing so to gain the trust from their prospective client from the very beginning of their journey.

4. It’s beneficial and can be used across all departments

Marketing Softwares have evolved from being solely for marketers to being an all inclusive platform for the entire organization. This is because they know that a business that wants to grow and be efficient in doing so requires streamlining the activities from all departments. But in order to do so, there needs to be a unifying system that is usable for every department.

Everyone in your business can have access to the CRM so that whenever a contact is handed down to the next department, all history activities are accessible for review so that each client are addressed accordingly without fault or delay.

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