What Does it Take to build a Successful Immigration Firm?

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Andrew Chao Daongam on 18 Oct 2021

Building a successful immigration firm requires you to think like an entrepreneur. This means that there are fundamental elements that need to be found in your business in addition to your expertise to provide immigration services.

Other than the setup such as your office, branding, and documents, building a successful immigration firm requires you to have a system where you can attract, nurture and retain clients until they have gone through the whole immigration process.

The life of your business depends on this. No matter how good your immigration services are, without having a proper system in place to attract, nurture and retain clients, the business will not be successful.

How to Build a Successful Immigration Firm?

1. Implement a Marketing Strategy to Attract Leads

You are most likely already doing some marketing to attract leads. Some of these might be going to conferences, publish ads or articles in targeted countries, and running ad campaigns on Google or Social Media. All these activities are good however where most lack is knowing how to best approach incoming leads and how to manage the relationship. Hearing that you are able to generate 20-50 leads a day may sound great initially, but if you don't have a proper system to follow up or for you to keep track of their activities and the interactions you have with them, you won't be efficient in selling.

2. Obtain an Intelligent CRM

Not all immigration firms are currently using a CRM. Some may still rely on an Excel Spreadsheet to manage their contacts. For those who don't know, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It's essentially a platform where you go in every day to manage your contacts. A CRM will allow you to sort your contacts, add notes, tasks, calls, etc. But by having an intelligent CRM, will record and notify when someone has opened and clicked the emails you send you. Not only that, but it will also record what pages the contact has been on.

I highly recommend using HubSpot. All immigration firms that I have worked with say that it's the best CRM they have ever used. The nice thing about HubSpot is that there are many tools available that make it an all-in-one sales, marketing, and service platform. Essentially, everyone in your organization will be able to benefit from using HubSpot.

3. Utilizing Tools to Nurture Your Leads

In addition to having an intelligent CRM, it's important to keep feeding the CRM with information that your organization to better close new clients. You need tools such as blog & landing page creator, email campaigns, sales & marketing automation, and sales pipeline management. These tools will allow you to maximize productivity and provide you with a highly efficient immigration business practice to grow your firm.

The HubSpot CRM is able to provide you with all these tools. Immigration firms who want to be Successful should put their efforts into attracting, nurturing, and retaining clients. This can be done when you have an Intelligent CRM in place and utilizing the tools to seamlessly do all your sales, marketing, and service activities.

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