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28 Jun 2018

6 Targeted Email Lists to Create for Improving Email Marketing Efforts

It is quite common to several businesses sending email blasts. This usually means that they send 1 email to all contacts in their database. We see this happening with newsletters or corporate updates....
27 Jun 2018

3 Email Marketing Data Your Business Firms Must Track to Improve and Measure Success

In order to know whether your marketing emails are successful or not, it needs to be centered around a measurable goal based on email marketing data. As mentioned in our blog article about setting mea...
21 Jun 2018

3 Key Points to Match Your Email Marketing with the Customer's Journey

When it comes to writing emails, it’s easy to create one standard email and send this off to each of your customers. But in reality, email is not a one-size-fits-all.  In fact, there’s a good chance t...
14 Jun 2018

The Power of CTA Marketing (Call-to-Action) to Prompt Engagement with Emails

Writing amazing emails and hoping that potential customers open them is only a small stepping stone to them finally deciding to make a purchase. The tried and true sign of strong email marketing is se...
13 Jun 2018

3 Key Practices on How to Adopt Lead Nurturing Emails

When your company gains a lead, this is great news for your firm, but it doesn’t just stop right there. HubSpot studies show that the majority of newly converted leads are not ready for sales yet and ...
07 Jun 2018

4 Best Practices when Crafting Prospecting Email Subject Lines

Writing an email could take up a lot of time and resources. You could write the best email, but it wouldn’t matter if no one opens it. This is why subject lines are an important factor to your email c...