Where Immigration Firms Should Invest Their Marketing Dollars?

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Andrew Chao Daongam on 29 Sep 2020

The opportunities in regards to marketing for immigration firms have become quite extensive. This makes it difficult to decide where exactly should money be invested in marketing. Based on how immigration firms operate and being in the loop of what elements of marketing would be beneficial for them, we have identified 4 that are worth investing in.


Here are 4 elements where immigration firms should spend their marketing dollars.


1. Marketing Software

Could you imagine running an immigration business without a website? Perhaps 15 years ago it was acceptable but these days most people would say that if you don’t have a website, you don’t exist.

As technology rapidly shaping businesses, there is no doubt that we are quickly reaching a point where if you don’t have marketing software, your business does not exist. The reason for that is because it is through marketing software that people are able to find your business online.

Having marketing software at your disposal will enable your business to run digital marketing activities such as blogging, email campaigns, and automation. Moreover, you will have the ability to see your contacts’ activities such as what pages they’ve been on, when did they open your email, etc.


2. Content Marketing

Writing content and publishing them on your website is what will drive traffic to your website. You can have the most beautiful website in the industry, but without publishing relevant and helpful content, it will be difficult for your clients to find you online.

Many immigration businesses focus on the decision stage of their clients, which is to put almost or all their effort into those that are ready to immigrate or obtain a second citizenship. But what about those that are not ready? The journey of your potential clients starts with first understanding their pain points or challenges. Therefore, they will go on Google and consume various content to help them better understand their situation.

A lot of people want to immigrate, but there are a lot more people who are looking to learn more about immigration, and there are even more people who are just starting to become aware that immigration could help them alleviate life issues. In addition to being found on google, when you write content for those who are in the earlier stages, you will have the opportunity to build relationships that will earn their trust from the beginning.

Imagine hearing this from a prospect:

“I’ve been reading your blog articles and they have been very helpful to determine what are my next steps with immigration. I am looking for an immigration firm to help me now and you seem to understand my needs. Please call me.”


3. Strategic Online Advertising

Online advertising is already being used by many immigration firms. However very few are being strategic about it.

Most firms would focus their advertising on their business rather than on potential clients. This may be enticing to those who are at a stage where they are ready to immigrate but the downside that there are many who are simply not ready to speak with an immigration firm.

Being “strategic” with your online advertising means understanding your prospective customers’ journey by meeting them where they are at. Instead of interrupting them with your sales advertising banners, how about advertising relevant and helpful content? 

For example, wouldn’t a blog article titled  “10 reasons why second citizenship will provide a better future for your children”, be less disruptive than “Contact us for your immigration needs”?

The key here is to more about education and less about selling. More about them and less about you.

4. Marketing Consulting

As you run your immigration business, there is very little time or no time for you to do your own marketing. Not only that, how will you find the time to learn and keep up with the best practices? This is where investing in marketing consulting will help. The professionals can help you manage your marketing while you focus on selling and growing your business.

Many will want to attempt marketing on their own. If you do want to try it out for yourself, it is recommended that you schedule a time with a marketing consulting firm or agency to discuss your plans. They can provide you with proper guidance to help you get started and potentially save you a lot of time. They are more than happy to provide you insights for free. Do not be shy to ask them questions or seek advice.

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