Why We Stopped Blogging for 6 Months & Found Focus on Immigration

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Andrew Chao Daongam on 09 Jun 2020

We will not hide the fact that we stopped blogging for almost 6 months. You can see the gap from our blog listing page. 6 Months is quite a significant amount of time considering that we are digital marketing business.

It does sound hypocritical that, as a marketing professional, I tell businesses to blog constantly so that they can drive traffic to their websites considering that we stopped for half a year. But I believe that we had good reasoning.

The reason why we stopped is that 6 months ago, we started to question the meaning of our work. This led us to take the time and rethink who we would love to work with and what services we can offer them, that we enjoy doing so that we can truly help them strive. 

Blogging is about helping people find answers to their goals and challenges. If we were to drastically change our business, it made sense for us to stop blogging so that our articles reflect the needs of the audience that we are trying to help. We didn’t want to blog just for the sake of blogging.

Since I started the business in 2017, we did not have a specific group of clientele that we wanted to work with. Although we did decide on some niches that may be a good fit, we ended up wanting to work with anyone that came in our way just for the sake of getting customers. We also tried to cater to everyone by having a long list of services that we are capable of delivering to make sure that we can attract as many customers as we can.

When we reached mid-2019, we felt that our work was meaningless. That was the big sign which helped us realize that we needed to rethink who we truly want to work with and what kind of work we want to do moving forward.

After examining our values, we knew that we wanted to work with businesses that provide services to improve lives; Businesses that care about helping others, and make a drastic change that has an effect on their lives and many generations to come.


In the end, we narrowed down to focus on Immigration and Citizenship firms, and here are 3 why:

1. People who work in the immigration field, at least the people we’ve interacted with, genuinely want to help families. They have that sense of responsibility. They also, over time, build strong relationships with the people which brings them a joy to work. We want to be part of that.

2. I am a second-generation Canadian. My parents being able to immigrate from Asia gave me an opportunity to have a better life. If I can help immigration firms to help more families have a better future, I will find my work much more meaningful.

3. I was the Head of Marketing for an Asset Diversification and Citizenship field. I can leverage my experience to help other businesses. 

The last quarter of 2019 was when we decided to test this market. We did some minor changes to our website and marketed our business as a Marketing Consulting firm helping businesses in the immigration and citizenship field.

It was only last month where we made it official by completely updating our website to reflect who we want to work with and how we can help as a digital marketing agency.

As we move forward, we hope to provide you valuable insights into modern sales and marketing activities so that your immigration business can thrive.

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